to Team Traffic School! You have an exciting time in front of you. You must master a vehicle, use / learn a regulatory framework and work in traffic with us others. Driving School is a member of the National Association of Authorized Traffic Schools, and uses teaching materials that are for the benefit of the student. Team can provide you with training in Traffic Basic Course, the first module that is mandatory for all driving training.

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Driver training for a car, light / heavy motorcycle and moped is the practical training the driving school can offer. The school uses vehicles that are easy to drive and practical for traffic training. In addition to pupils, the driving school also cooperates with sports teams, youth schools and upper secondary schools. Motorcycle clubs have benefited from driving skills. Managing Director Jan Anvedsen Updated 25.06.10     Here you can read more about the road to driver’s license by car. Read more >> Here you can read more about the road to driver’s license for moped. Read more >>

Moped courses are implemented in practice throughout the year. Subject to weather with
Considering security. Prior to practical training, the students should be able to apply their theory
safety and understanding of traffic situations. The pupils make their own moped, which is in a proper / proper condition.

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Practical training costs NOK 3800 and is payable before reporting.

If the student has signed up for a course and does not meet, the course must be paid. The pupil has taken the place

to another student.

Pupils must submit an application for driver card

Updated 25.06.10

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Traffic-based basic course